Why Freedom Pools & Spas Riverina ?

We help you choose the pool shape, pool size, pool colour, pools interior surface, exterior pavers, pool lighting, water features, filtration, cleaning systems, water sanitising systems; ie mineral pools verse salt pools verse enviroswim pool. Building a pool takes planning and time, from final plans to completion is approximately 6-12 weeks, with variations on time frame dependant on each specific job, weather and the time of year.

Why concrete pools & spas ?

• Customised: Concrete pools & concrete spas are custom designed to perfectly suit your yard, landscape, environment and lifestyle.
• Flexible Design: Adjustments can be made to ensure the design is most suitable to the property.
• Aesthetics: Aesthetic value counts when it come to concrete pools, the look is just as important an the design.
• Structural addition: Concrete pools are completely structural and can be built anywhere to any design.

Just Spas offers an extensive range, offering spas to suit everyone's budget. Our products are:

  • Australian Manufactured in Melbourne
  • USA Imported
  • Chinese Imported